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Crafters Comapnion Discount Codes   

  (hits: 3218 ) [Added 01/03/2021]

Be creative and learn a craft. A great range of needlecraft and papercraft products and online tutorials.
Ecommerce: where there's a will, there's a way   

  (hits: 14675 ) [Added 14/03/2003]

According to recent research, a quarter of adults in the UK don't use the internet and have no intention of ever doing so. It's a remarkable statistic, not because the number of reluctant surfers is so high, but because it's so low. Most people are now online and many of them are already buying from ecommerce sites or soon will be.
New EU Law Bursts Dot-Com Tax Bubble   

  (hits: 14894 ) [Added 06/11/2003]

VAT implications for online traders selling to the EU
Office of the e-Envoy   

  (hits: 13594 ) [Added 14/03/2003]

Responsible for leading the drive to get the UK online and providing policy advice on e-commerce, e-communications and e-government issues. Provides information and guidance on the Office's work.
The End of Online Fraud As We Know It?   

  (hits: 15093 ) [Added 15/04/2003]

Visa, MasterCard and WorldPay Prepare PIN number protection for online payments
UK Online For Business   

  (hits: 14177 ) [Added 14/03/2003]

E-commerce and IT help and advice, especially for small and medium-sized firms, from the British Government's UK online for business programme.
UK shapes up for ebusiness   

  (hits: 13410 ) [Added 14/03/2003]

If you don't speak 'e', the UK software industry is already losing interest in you.
Why Generalise, When you can Specialise   

  (hits: 13148 ) [Added 28/11/2003]

Specialist UK Portal offering Business 2 Business Advertising to the Office Industry. Search by County, Map and Company Name. Post a business related article for free. Free listings are available!




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